Train journeys are always special because it is not so quick like the plane journeys and people can have a good look to the outside beauty and diversities of nature. Ipoh is the beautiful capital city of Perak in Malaysia. It has got many beautiful places which millions of tourists come to see every year. Modes of travelling in the city and from other places are easy to get and also are quite nominal in costing. Efficient train services are available for tourists from different areas of the country to this beautiful city. Train journeys from KL city or Kota Bahru city to Ipoh are quite famous. Two different kinds of train services are available to tourists from these two popular cities and they are KTM train services and ETS train service. Three express KTM trains are available from these two cities till Ipoh and there are more than ten ETS train services available for the tourists. Most of tourists go for the train journeys because it is quick and also has many beautiful cityscapes along with beautiful rivers in it. KTM train journeys generally take somewhere around three to four hours to reach the destination city while the fast ETS train service takes two or two and half hours. The train journeys can be booked through stations or from this website easily.

Different Services And Their Costing

The train journeys to Ipoh are equipped with different kinds of services in it. For passengers who prefer the ETS train journeys have two packages to choose from in which one is silver service and the other one is gold service. Tourists who want to complete their journeys in their budget or who have a small budget for journeys can go for the silver while others can opt for the better gold one. The cost of the gold service is double the cost of the silver service. Even the ETS trains stop only on the main stations of city which makes the journey quite quick compared to the KTM train service. So, if you are planning for a vacation in Malaysia or in the nearby beautiful cities then surely go for these beautiful trains journeys.