For the one taking a business trip to Chennai sitting at the office on a day off exclusively should not be a choice—not when these amazing offbeat locations near Chennai are eventually waiting to treat you with their beauty.

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Most of the travelers exclusively prefer visiting Chennai not only because it is a perfect getaway destination but also because it also provides these amazing holiday venues around that should be discovered on a weekend.


If you are fond of archaeology, history, and a small bit of culture and different tradition, Tirupati is surely the location to be. Tirupati is stationed in the district of Chittoor and is certainly one of the most prominent pilgrim spots. Tirupati had eventually documented a populace of approximately 374,300 that exclusively makes it the ninth most populated place in the respective state. Tirupati is acknowledged as the Spiritual Capital of Andhra Pradesh and it has also been drafted to be established under the Mission of Smart Cities by the Government of India.  If you are not genuinely fond of traveling areas of worship, you can still visit Tirupati and explore it for the amazing architectural artistry.


This beautiful place was a French colony and is also recognized as Puducherry. Although, this place still envelopes the French look and emanation, even after they left long-long back ago. Stationed on the east shore of India, Puducherry has been one of the favorite getaway spots for several decades. The amazing pavements bordered by French style houses and trees make this space an outright must visit.  The ideal way to delve into this space is by getting a cycle for yourself through rent and travel around the place. You can also entertain yourself through several adventure exercises like surfing, Scuba diving, and scuba jumping.


Stationed in the district of Vellore is the amazing Yelagiri that is surely one of the most beloved spots for trekking. Placed at a height of around 4650 feet above, this amazing place may not be as famous as several other hill stations, but that does not make it any less of a spot for an amazing holiday. Also recognized as Elagiri, Yelagiri is a small arena that has around 14 distinct quaint suburbs all curled up in the middle of stunning and dense four hills. Highly recognized for their broadly spread out beautiful gardens, tea estates, green valleys and also pleasant landscapes embellish this region. And if you are quite fond of riding or driving, you will relish driving down the lanes advancing to Yelagiri that has approximately 14 hairpin bends testing the abilities of every individual biker. But for sure the ride will be one of the most beautiful ones since the outlook is just breathtaking


This place is exclusively recognized as the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. It was primarily recognized as Tanjore before it eventually came to be known as Thanjavur.  This place is well recognized for its South Indian art, culture, and amazing build architecture.  Many of the Living Chola shrines are stationed in Thanjavur which are eventually UNESCO World Heritage Structures. For the one who likes art, this place is an absolute delight visually.  It is also recognized to be heaven for the one who likes shopping and who are seeking to purchase some amazing handloom sarees and bronze and brass idols and also beautiful jewelry.   If this place stands in pride it is exclusively due to the Cholas who made sure they bring this place all the fame and glory it deserves.

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