Cambodia is a land of unmatched beauty and biodiversity covered largely by seasonal tropical forests and natural beauty in the form of mountains, waterfalls, and lakes. This country, known for its rich wildlife, inherent heritage and thriving friendly population is increasingly becoming a favorite tourist spot.

Even though the country is rich in culture and diversity, it faces several emerging and pressing issues. In order to help, you can donate to Cambodia charity and help the country thrive.


Cambodia is located in the Indochina Peninsula and is classed as a Southeast Asian nation. Its land covers about 69898 square miles, a large portion of which is covered by forests and islands. The country shares borders with Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and The Gulf of Thailand. The climate mostly rotates around monsoon so the best time to visit Cambodia would be when the monsoon has passed usually in the later part of the year.

The main attraction of the country is its natural beauty. In addition, there are several heritage sites, especially Buddhist temples that are worth seeing. The quiet and cool of nature though is the unmatched prize of visiting Cambodia.

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The people of Cambodia are extremely gentle and friendly. Over 95% belong to the ethnic Khmer origin and speak the Khmer language. Minorities are of very small number averaging about 1.4% approximately. The total population of the country is estimated at around 15 million with the majority practicing Buddhism.

The government of Cambodia is an elective constitutional monarchy with the King as the monarch figure and the Prime Minister running the affairs of the state. The dominant sector of the people of Cambodia is agriculture. However, the country boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the region at an average of 6 percent. The major revenue industries in Cambodia are textiles, tourism, and agriculture.


Cambodia is a land of great natural flair. It is this natural habitat that is now in crisis in the country. One of the major issues faced by Cambodia is the environmental depletion with deforestation being the biggest. There has been illegal poaching, logging, and destruction of habitats of endangered animals. This is carried out by both the local population as well as foreign investors.

What can you do?

If you are an environment lover, there is a lot you can do in order to help the Cambodian community preserve its nature. You can support the Song Saa Foundation that is striving to revive not only nature but the community and waters as well. In addition, their campaigns focussing on sustainable development are aimed at making a gradual and permanent change in the country. Donate to Cambodia charity or Song Saa Foundation and become a participating member in making the world a greener place.