All women should have boyfriend jeans. Comfortable as possible, it is also an asset “fine legs” unstoppable. When it is well chosen! It was thought already doomed but it is not. So we explain how to choose the timeless boyfriend jeans according to its morphology and how to wear it to perfection.

The jeans boyfriend is one of those basic that every woman should have in their wardrobe. These loose leg pants are a partner of choice for your simple and trendy looks. Still hesitating to give in to the sirens of the boyfriend jeans? Know that its wide cut flatters the silhouette and refines the legs.

Bloggers love boyfriend jeans!

blouse into your pants You’ll find the trendiest looks among the most casual chic silhouettes of your favorite bloggers. We save you time with our selection of photos of the best outfits made with a boyfriend jeans. Who knows, you might find the one that will perfectly reflect your personal style.

Boyfriend jeans of small women who have shapes

There are still a few seasons, the general rule was that boyfriend jeans are reserved for women tall and filiform because of its wide cut. What we shout at the aberration. The boyfriend jeans also suit those that have shapes! Simply choose the cup that flatters the most silhouettes and ensure a few details.

You are small and you find your legs a little strong?

Roll up the bottom of your boyfriend jeans to reveal your ankles and visually extend your legs. To gain a few inches, bet on pumps, heeled sandals or wedge sneakers. Not only will you look taller, but your silhouette will look slimmer and slimmer. For a tromped L’Oreal effect, opt for pumps or nude sandals whose tone will blend with your complexion. Long leg effect assured!

To enhance your figure, slip your shirt, tee-shirt or blouse into your pants. You can even tie a knot in front of your top for a retro effect. If tucking your top in your jeans does not tempt you too much, be careful not to choose too long, otherwise it could break the proportions and pack you down.

You find yourself too round for boyfriend jeans?

What to wear my boyfriend jeans?

If bloggers are a real source of ideas for wearing loose pants, their outfits are sometimes a little too eccentric. We save you time with our selection of looks putting the boyfriend jeans in the spotlight and the bank account safe!

The ideal boyfriend jeans for women who have shapes

Looking for jeans that will highlight your legs that you find a bit strong? Stop the quest; the boyfriend pants are perfect for you as it visually refines the legs. The effect is all the more obvious if you choose it in a dark hue. Like small women, roll down to lengthen your legs even more. The mistake not to commit? Avoid light-colored boyfriend jeans and faded styles that are unflattering for your figure. The pants with holes are also to be avoided because through the cuts, we have a direct view of the legs. Thus making them a little stronger than they really are.

Can small women dare boyfriend jeans?

The major problem of small women when looking for clothes. The body is sometimes drowned. This does not mean they have to turn their way to boyfriend jeans! Just choose a strand closer to the body to flatter the silhouette. Play with proportions by opting for a loose but not enveloping top to harmonize the silhouette. Caution, the top should not be long so as not to pack the silhouette.

To gain inches and lengthen your legs: roll down and bet on heels.

Wendy’s looks from and Julie from, proves that even petite women can be boyfriend jeans.

Which size to choose for my boyfriend jeans?

Do not look for the boyfriend jeans that will mold your body! The size of boyfriend jeans is played almost only at the hips. Choose the one in which you are most comfortable. If you have strong legs, opt for a model as loose as possible in the legs.

blouse into your pants

If you are a little round, you will probably encounter this problem by trying boyfriend jeans: either the jeans are perfect at the waist and too tight on the legs, or it is perfect on the legs and too big at the waist. The solution? Choose the one that best suits your legs and wear it with a belt. Or better, have a touch up on the size.

What shoes to wear with my boyfriend jeans?

The shoes you wear with your boyfriend jeans depend not only on your overall outfit but also the look you want to create. Sporty, casual, chic, edgy, stylish: the major advantage of boyfriend jeans is that it can reinvent itself at every outfit. For example, if you wear wide pants and a sailor, put on white sneakers will give an even more casual look to your look. Swap them for a pair of shoes and you look stylish. Change to ballerinas and you’ll look more relaxed while staying smart.