It is usual that most of the people would make plans and arrangements prior to their travel. If you want to enjoy hassle free travelling your arrangements has to be done in prior without fail. Last minute preparations and arrangements would bring any kind of frustration to you. Most importantly if you are in another country as tourist and planning to travel from one state to other then you should comply with all the formalities.

First of all you should have all the required papers especially Passport and Visa. It is mandatory for you for any kind of travelling such as flight, bus and train. People that take flight usually have all these papers without fail but people that take bus may not be aware of it. All the bus companies in Malaysia would require the overseas passengers to have visa and pass port to travel from one state to other.

If you are making plans to travel from Kl to Ipoh it would be nice experience to travel by bus. Travelling by flight from KL to other states of Malaysia is quite common as the ticket fare is cheaper and the travel would be sophisticated. But those who travel by bus from KL to Ipoh shares beautiful views about their experience. To be precise the journey would be fantastic because of the scenic beauty of the nature.

To enjoy the beauty of the nature you have to prefer day time travelling. People, who are new to Malaysia, may be the first time visitors would be dubious about bus transport services. The fact is that bus companies use high class and advanced bus with comfortable cushion seats and luxurious facilities.

Frequency of the bus from KL to Ipoh is more in the day time whereas less in the night time. You can get offers for your ticket booking from common online booking sites. If you want to play safely, better book in the bus company sites. Booking will be usually faster without any hassles. Check famous bus operators in Malaysia so that you would get details that may be convincing or satisfying you regarding preferring the bus operator.