If we go by the definition of a dictionary, trekking is a long, arduous journey taken to reach somewhere, mostly on foot. India is blessed with the Himalayas and there is no dearth of Himalaya trekking options.  Treks are categorised into easy, moderate and difficult. People can choose any trek according to their capability and level of fitness. Himalayan treks reward the trekkers with views of untouched regions like lakes, mountains, forests, meadows etc.

Mentioned below are the top 4 among the best trekking routes in India.

1) Hampta-Chandratal Pass

Hampta Pass is situated between the Kullu and Spiti-Lahaul Valleys. For centuries, this pass has been used by shepherds to cross from the barren Spiti Valley to the lush and abundant Kullu Valley. During this Himalaya trekking expedition, one comes across a number of different landscapes which are characteristics of the Himalayas. From the maple forests at Jobra to meadows of Chika, from the sandy terrain of Balu ka Gera to barren and cold Sptiti Valley, this trail is prized for its variety. Crossing the Hampta pass leads to the mystical Chandratal Lake, named after its shape like a crescent moon.

Himalaya trekking

2) Bhrigu Lake Trek

What if someone told you that you can see similar grassy hills you see in European countries while trekking in India? The answer lies in the Bhrigu Lake trail which is dominated by rolling meadows amidst pristine mountains. The lake is named after Sage Bhrigu, who used to meditate at the lake. It is said that the lake never completely freezes despite being at an elevation of 14,100 feet ASL due to the blessings of the sage. As the lake is considered sacred, touching the water or playing in it is strictly prohibited.

3) Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The valleys of Kashmir have always been popular among the tourists since decades. But in addition to that, it also offers various amazing treks. One of them is the Kashmir Great Lakes trek which covers more than 10 alpine lakes hidden deep into the interiors of Kashmir Valley. Some years ago this trek wasn’t even accessible to the civilians. Some of the most popular lakes one can see on this 8 days’ trek are Vishnusar, Gadsar, Satsar, Gangbal, Narang etc.

4) Goecha La Trek

Pegged as the “Most Romantic Himalayan Trek” of India, Goecha La is situated in the Indian State of Sikkim. Most of the treks in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have “Pahadi” locals and ambience but Goecha has Tibetian vibes. The cultures are different, the food is different and the languages are different which make it one of the most unique trails for trekking in India. The meadows, snow-capped peaks, local villages and unique flora and fauna combined with the breath-taking views of the Kanchenjunga are some of the best highlights of the trek.

The above list is not an exhaustive one and just aims at highlighting some unique trails.  There are numerous treks in India which one can choose according to their needs.