Hand dryers are mainly electrical devices which can generate some amount of heat when they are turned on. There are actually many good sides of using a hand dryer. They are not only cost effective but they are also very energy efficient. But yes, the installation of this device can be a costly thing but once that is done there is no need to spend money on the one time use paper towels which actually turns out to be an expensive thing when it comes to the long run.

One can buy automatic hand dryer from the market or online for both personal and commercial use. They are not only hygienic but at the same time they are environment friendly. One can ask that how they can become environment friendly. Well, the answer is simple. These days’ people do use a lot of paper napkins in toilets and throw them out once they use it. Excessive use of toilet papers mean one needs to cut down more trees which is definitely not good for the environment and one should stop that by using hand dryers. Also, regular throwing of toiler papers can lead to clogging of toilets and wash basins. So, using a hand dryer can definitely help one to avoid these issues.

hand dryer machine

In most cases the hand dryers are mainly used at public washrooms and this is because they are used more often and by many people as compared to the regular and residential toilets. When it comes to hand dryers there are different varieties that are available in the market. They can be differentiated by the way they are operated. There are some hand dryers that work just by pressing a button or they are automated because it has an infrared sensor. The former ones are least costly ones and they use not more than 110 to 120 volts and so they are very cost efficient. Most of the push button hand dryers automatically stops the wind blow after about a minute but when one is drying their hands, it gets dried easily within 45 seconds. There are some hand dryers which are designed in such a way that they have rotating nozzles and they are also used to dry up the face and hair when needed.  The automatic hand dryer’s on the other hand only turn on when it can detect a person’s hand and then it automatically turns off when the hand is removed from there. This is a great energy saving device and that is why the use of this is gaining popularity every day.

But there are few things to keep in mind before installing hand dryers. There has to be an electrical outlet in the washroom where is has to be installed. There should be some maintenance programme that has to be followed from time to time so that the machine can run without any hassle.

Using a good hand dryer machine means that there will be no contamination of germs from hands in the washroom and the area will stay clean.