Birthday is celebrated at all the age even at the age of ninety a person is celebrating his or her birthday. These pictures are important and these pictures are nice memories for him. When he is bored at sometime he is viewing all his birthday photos and videos and enjoying his life. The good memories are extending the life, and that is the only reason everyone is keeping the pictures and videos safely. The pictures and videos are record for the life. At the same time, phone memories are less; this is the reason memory card is sold and it is being purchased plenty by the people. Storing the pictures and videos are the big problem and this is the reason many memories based pictures and videos are going in vain. This kind of problem solved when the person is saving the pictures in servers but the server is not secured and he is disappointed when he wants to take back the videos and pictures. Now people are using only drawings to store all their pictures and keeping them safe. Appropriate site is only saving all the pictures and preserving the videos and pictures safely for very long time this is the reason everyone is using the

above space to store their pictures and videos. The videos are really working well when the person is interested to view and get his happiness.

The real happiness of the person is only recollecting his good memories and doing something for the same. Recollecting all memories is based only on the already taken pictures and videos. In some cases people are spending huge money to take the pictures and videos. Especially wedding photos are kept in the safe place and it is preserved. At the same time, keeping the pictures on any place is not a safe. Once the same pictures and videos are saved in the web server it is permanent but which company would help a family to preserve the pictures and videos is the million dollar question. The public is ready even to pay some money for keeping the pictures and videos safely. When the site is offering space for the free of cost it is fabulous deal for the public. However keeping the pictures and videos are not easily possible in any device like android phone or computer devices. The server can keep all the data because the owner of the server is paying the subscription for the server.