Lung cancer is a chronic disease. Lung cancer is caused by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in our body. In the United States, this cancer is responsible for the number of deaths. Chronic disease affects both men and women, and this percentage increases every day. Smoking is the main cause of this form of cancer.

Speaking of treatment, many are available, but not all at the proper level.

To cure this disease is really very difficult, but a cure is possible. Treatment depends on the type of cancer, the stage and, more importantly, the condition of the person suffering from the cancer. These three things are important to the doctor before he begins to treat the patient.

Probably, oncologists undergo surgery, which involves removal of the tumor and can only be used when a malignant growth is detected. Treating a patient with lung cancer stage I is easy compared to treating a patient suffering from stage 4. Recognizing the disease in the first stage may provide some relief.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Physicians generally use four types of operations: resection, sleeve resection, lobectomy and pneumonectomy.

A resection is a procedure that involves removing a small part of the lung; resection of the sleeve involves the removal of some parts of the bronchus; Lobectomy involves removal of the entire lobe, and pneumonectomy removes the entire lung.

Chemotherapy is the next available treatment to talk about. This is a procedure in which drugs are used to destroy cells. Patients who survive stage 3 cancer are given chemotherapy. This is a very effective way to treat cancer, and most patients do not tolerate treatment, which leads to various types of problems or side effects.

Radiation therapy is another way to treat cancer. This is a procedure in which high-energy energy rays are used to destroy these cells. This procedure is applied or entered externally. This procedure is also known as radiation from an external beam.


Have you heard of laser and photodynamic therapy?

 Laser therapy is a unique treatment for cancer treatment that involves the death of cancer cells from laser beams. Photodynamic therapy is also a way to kill cancer cells in the body. The procedure is a bit long, but it works efficiently compared to other procedures.These are some lung cancer treatment in singapore, and medical science is doing everything possible to find more ways to treat this disease.