In every business the fund management is really very much important and they must be done carefully. Each and every organization does this fund management with the help of the software which is designed according to their requirement. Here the requirement means their business requirement. The management and fund accounting solutions are designed to serve the non profit and the government agencies. MIP fund accounting is the form of prosoft solutions which is used to manage the funds of the business. In this mip accounting they include all the integrated suite such as procurement, budgeting, payroll, human resources, time keeping, fixed asset management, grant management and dash board.

This enables all the solutions to the business requirements. All the data and the numerical values can be calculated and used in this software. This MIP fund accounting gives the complete solution for the business problems. The solution enables the users by helping them to manage and they also report the multiple cost centers. The HRM is in-built in the fund accounting and this allows the business to manage the attendance of the employees. This also helps the HR in the payroll process. This actually reduces the work of the HR to a greater extent. By using this they can also reduce the mistakes that happen during the manual process. When a work is done manually and the number of employees are more there is a chance of getting mistakes in the calculation. In the payroll there are many things that have to considered while calculating their salary. They have to see the total attendance, extra time the employee have worked and other criteria which will affect the salary. Even if anyone of the factor is missed out while calculating the result will be total mess. And finding out the place where the mistake is done is also really very tough. There are other modules of this fund accounting such as the forms of designer, third-party integration, data analytics and support. All these are the types of the modules which is used in this MIP. There is a report writer tool which is included in this system.