Duromine is a popular drug for weight loss and it is the brand name for Phentermine in Australia. User’s report 15% or more weight loss during the period patients had not used supplements to lose weight. This medication helps to increase metabolism, enhance weight, burns fat and provides high energy for motivation for daily exercise. This is not a magic pill but somewhat close to it. This supplement accounts for concentration and memory retention in many users. It is a medically prescribed medicine for treatment of obesity in people. This is usually prescribed for adults and teens above 17 years of age.

To get the maximum benefit, users must do regular exercise, at least thrice a week for minimum 30 minutes. Patients must cut down unhealthy foods, sweets and unnecessary fats in their diet. The normal adult dosage is between 15 and 37.5 mg once a day and doctors recommend the dosage to be administered just before or after the breakfast. Patients must consult with their physicians on a routine basis and doctors should investigate the effects of the drug prescribed for weight loss goals. Studies report weight loss of more than four times in patients who took this drug than non-users who simply exercised and maintained a healthy diet.

Proper dosage administration

This medication is prescribed to fight obesity. The dosage and frequency of weight loss capsules areindividualized. Oral capsules of 15 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg of active ingredient Phentermine are supplied by different companies to the pharmaceutical market. The capsules are not meant to be opened or divided into halves and is taken as a single dose. An optimal single dosage and frequency are recommended by the physicians. Usually once daily is advised though, in some patients, capsules are prescribed only during overeating episodes and not daily. In very few cases, a dose of 30 mg divided into two halves is suggested.

You should take this medicine before noon. Low doses of this medication are similar tothe higher doses. Therefore, the treatment begins with minimal dosages only. A higher dose of 30 mg or 40 mg daily is recommended provided minimal dosage did notgive the expected results. Doses higher than 40 mg can cause side effects so usually not recommended. To gather tremendous anorexigenic effects, one may take 40 mg dosage in the morning with food. Irrespective of the daily dosage, the duration of the course may be for a maximum period of three months.

Precautions that shouldn’t be overlooked

Patients are advised not to use this drug if there is any medical history of heart disease, diabetes, overactive thyroid or high blood pressure. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should refrain from using the drug. Users must stay away from alcohol and other drugs while using this supplement. Inform the doctor in case of any allergy history and any other medicine, if taken during this period. Intake of caffeine should be limited. Patients taking medicines for ADHD, anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders should investigate the effects of taking this drug as this may lead to serious implications.