Ransomware is a security threat for all kind of digital data. In this digital era, everyone second person is using laptop or computer for their professional or personal use. If person has laptop, then it is also sure that he or she will have digital data which is stored in the laptop. For making money, attackers or hackers insert malicious code or software into your laptop and block accessing of all data and files. User will not be able to open Microsoft word document in his laptop. Now, you will have to contact to that person and he will ask for money. User has to give him money and attacker will unblock data. This is Ransomware. Attack of Ransomware is increasing rapidly in past years because attacker does not have any other option to make money.

Due to these attacks, security industry has developed many new tools and software that will help all users to prevent from Ransomware attacks. Many tools are 100 % accurate and available on the internet freely. But, some of the tips are available which must be followed by every laptop user and by following such tips, Ransomware attacks may be prevented.

Ransomware prevention tips:

  • This is one of important tip that every user must have to create backup of all saved data on regular basis.
  • Make changes in the anti – spam settings in your laptop as per your need
  • Do not click on any advertisement instant. Think before clicking on advertisement.
  • Do not open all kind of attachments in the mail. First check their .exe file information on internet and then decide
  • Enable the show file extensions in your windows operating system
  • All users must have to be keep updated all essential software like java, adobe flash player, antivirus, browsers. Operating system should also be updated when available
  • Disable vssaexe file in your system and it will fail Ransomware attack
  • During internet connectivity, if any process by own, then disconnect internet instantly and process will be stopped
  • Windows firewall should be turned on all time and configure it on necessary time.
  • Make effective settings in firewall for protection and your system will be more protected
  • If you download archive or compressed file, then make necessary settings to scan such files.
  • Disable windows power shell feature and enable it only whenever necessary
  • One of major preventive measure is disabling of windows script host
  • Microsoft office is the main component in any laptop, so make it more secure as compared to other components
  • Use the browser that will block all add on pop ups because such pop ups may be reason of Ransomware attack
  • Use strong and unique passwords for your all accounts
  • If you have enabled auto play feature in your system, then deactivate it immediately
  • File sharing must also be deactivated
  • Enable remote services only when you need them otherwise deactivate all remote services
  • All wireless connections should be switched off like Bluetooth connectivity and infrared ports
  • Block known malicious IP addresses