Kyle Richards has undergone plastic surgery for her nose. It is not very easy thing to do the surgery in nose. She has done this surgery for better look and appearance for the audience. She understands that most of the acting opportunities are coming because of her look and body structure. So she started to do procedure make it always good to look for others.

 She is also classified as one of the richest real housewife of Beverly Hills. There are also lot of rumors are spreading about her and procedures in the film industry. She did procedures for nose and Botox. At first, she searched for the treatment without any kind of needle and injection for nose job. However, she did not found any effective results.

She understands some of the facts about nose job before taking into a surgery. She accepted that there is no perfect nose. She also understands that everyone will have flaws in their nose and hence, this made her to stop worrying about her nose before surgery.

She also instructed that after surgery it will look like a mummy for few days and this is because it will take time to set it properly. The time taken to build bridge over the nose is high. She was advised not to wear any type of glasses for two months period of time. Else, she will get into problems with nasal healing. She experienced no pain after nose job but she looked tired for few days after surgery.

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