Do you need a vehicle for your next trip to Romania? If so, there is more to consider than driving on the road’s other side. From the international driving permits to the liability insurance, it can be a bit complicated to rent car Bucuresti than renting a house. But, there is no need to worry about as you can enjoy a hassle-free travel with some of these helpful tips.

See to it that you have some realistic ideas of how much you will pay to fuel your vehicle in the country you are visiting. Generally, the drivers in other countries pay less at the pump compared to the drivers in many nations. Leave lots of rooms in your budget for the gas expense. You should also familiarize with the Romania’s local road rules well before you get into the car. You may study up on these details as which road’s side to drive on, whether you are permitted to turn left or right on red light, and who has right of way in the traffic circle. The great source for this kind of information is the embassy or consulate of the country or updated guidebook.

Check with the car insurance company to see whether the rental car could be covered under the current policy. In many cases, you will not be covered in the foreign countries, so you will have to buy insurance from your chosen rental car service provider at the time to rely on or book the coverage provided by the credit you have used to pay for rental. See to it that you coverage, regardless of the source, meets the minimum coverage needs in the foreign country.

You should not also forget your map. Majority of people depend on the favorite smartphone map app when navigating, yet this might get very expensive in the foreign countries, depending on the plan of the smartphone. Other than that, the coverage may be spotty in other remote areas of the world. Renting the GPS unit from your chosen rental car company is also an option. See to it that the staff sets it to speak in English if you do not know the language in Romania.

When booking for a rental car, it would be a good idea to book in advance. The reason behind it is that rates during peak season are high and some rental car companies can offer you discounts if you book as early as possible. You can also compare rates online. There are numerous companies offering rental cars, but not all of them are the same and don’t expect that your first choice will give you the most reliable services.

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