If you are considering the last decade in the market of televisions, Samsung has been on the top. Considering their dominance in the market, it can be safely concluded that Samsung sells as many TVs as LG and Sony combined. Buying a Samsung TV, therefore, is, of course, a good decision on your part. Are you still dwelling on which TV to buy exactly? This South Korean manufacturer is releasing almost a dozen TVs each year and they all come in varying screen sizes, which will leave, spoilt for choices.

As far as the QLED range is concerned, Samsung TVs have impressed the viewers with their incredibly colorful and bright screens. Also, in the case of upscaling TVs i.e. turning HD signals into 4K ones, Samsung does a very good job. They also take care of motion handling very well, much better than their competitors do.

The Samsungs Screens

Samsung TVs offer the HDR10+ technology, which makes the colors so vivid and so much clearer. The input lags are also minimal. Gamers please take note as this would be a very good news for you. If you are considering using it with Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, there is no other option as good as this. If you keep the default settings unchanged, the colors would look great. So as far as the screens are considered, which of course are the most important parts of a TV, Samsung screens give you the best deal.

Smart Interactive TVs

If a TV does not have interactive features, it still not has become the future TV. Now the Samsung QLED TVs have introduced QSmart technology as reflected in the features of the Samsung Smart Hub. This makes the experience far more intuitive and interactive – be it in case of playing games, listening to music or even watching movies. Integration to a variety of devices is also an important feature of these TVs.

Samsung has almost now redesigned its stock of smart TVs giving its viewers a new kind of experience. It has intuitive menus, recommendations of a much-enhanced nature with a prompt access to a number of your favorite TV shows, apps, movies or games. With these televisions in your reach, it is now very easy to discover your favorites and make your TV viewing experience out of the world.