Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can really change a life! Except that between the shoes that we see in pictures and the result at our feet, there is a step: the reality. With these tips, you will say bye-bye to shoes that make noise, compressed toes and odors not always pleasant.

  1. Stop shoes that make noise!

Walk on tiptoe, try to crush his soles with each stride or cough while walking: you have tried everything to cover the squeaky sound of your shoes? Give up these methods that only make you feel uncomfortable. The solution Talc!

Remove your soles and sprinkle the inside of your talc shoes. This will reduce friction and you will not squeak with every step.

  1. Stop shoes too narrow!

high-heeled shoesYour new ballerinas would have been too big in the size of the top, too small a size below … but currently they still compress your toes a little bit. It is not a problem of size but of width!

The solution Put on big woolen socks and put on your famous shoes. Wear them for a moment, run and walk with them, then blow a hair dryer on them for a few minutes. You will see, they will expand as if by magic!

  1. Stop the wet shoes inside!

Yes, women also sweat feet. Especially if you wear ballerinas or sneakers without socks or with nylon stockings. If your favorite shoes always look moist, the solution is simple: cat litter. Take two fine socks, fill them with cat litter, tie a knot and slip the small bags into your shoes. Cat litter will absorb moisture, bacteria and odors!

  1. Stop the (bad) fragrant shoes!

To put an end to the bad smells of your shoes, slip some dried flower bags before going to bed. The next day, your shoes will be fresh again. The white sneakers are more likely than ever, but after a few trips, they tend to pull beige or gray. The solution Dishwashing liquid and white toothpaste! Simply scrub the dirty parts of your white sneakers with dishwashing liquid and a sponge, then, repeat the operation with the toothpaste.

  1. Stop the pains of heeled shoes!

Does your feet and toes hurt you when you wear high-heeled shoes. Try this tip: Using a piece of plaster tape bought in a pharmacy, glue together your third and fourth toes. Why? Simply because there passes a nerve that can quickly make you suffer when it is poorly positioned. By tying your two toes, you will hold it in place, thus limiting the pain. With this tip, your shoes and other shoes with heels will make you the effect of slippers!

  1. Stop the dull shoes!

Moisturizing and nourishing cream special leather, chamois or high tec polish for delicate leathers: products for the care of your leather shoes are legion. If you do not have it on hand or you do not want to buy it, just use your body cream or rich cleansing milk on your leather shoes!

Apply a small dot on your shoes and massage them into circular motions. Do you doubt? Know that if this cream is good enough to be used on your body, it is enough to be applied on your shoes.

  1. Stop the blisters due to the pumps!

If it were up to you, you would wear pumps every day, but your feet decided otherwise? You can be the queen of the stiletto with this trick: rub the inside of your shoes with a deodorant ball (preferably without perfume and alcohol). That sounds like nothing but it prevents the formation of blisters!