Many companies still have a traditional style of working; we are in the e21st century and there are to date a number of companies that are into printing invoices and mailing them to their customers; which is a very slow, inefficient and old way of billing. With the changing technology and various technological advancements, online invoice has replaced the traditional billing system, as it is a faster and a much quicker way of sending invoice to the customers.

The online billing is a useful way of reducing costs, the business owners small or freelancers do not have to worry about hiring an accountant for the same. Reason being that the online invoice system is handled by online invoicing software that does everything from managing payments, to sending reminders for due-payments and client management. Free online invoicing software by sighted is the best online invoicing software; it has a lot of benefits and is known for a simple and easy working. It tracks time, manages products and its services, it can also track expenses and also accepts payments online.

Why to use the sighted software?

The free online invoicing software by sighted is known to have simple features that make billing easy, some of the features are:

  • Customizes invoices- According to one’s a needs a person can create and print invoices; the invoice can be customizes according to the product and service requirement. One has the freedom to attach files, to bill in any currency and to check the status of the invoices.
  • Keep a track- It has an expense feature which helps in recording and keeping a track of all the expenses made. It helps organising the expenses in various categories and it also lets one record the receipts and documents related to a seller.
  • Easy payments- Sighted lets the customers pay through different payment gateways; it accepts credit cards, debit cards and even pay pal payment. If the payment is done then the invoice automatically marks it as paid.
  • Graphical representation- This online invoicing software can make graphs of profits gained and the losses incurred depending on the expenses saved in the invoice. It gives a useful representation of income vs expenses for the last 6 months and longer if required.

The invoicing software by sighted is the best with all the best features, but if you want to do a proper research before using one then there are a number of softwares that can be found.