Every business in the world wants to grow at a fast rate. To achieve fast growth, there has to be a differentiating factor for each business that attracts customers who choose them over and above other firms. These factors are set by the business by making different decisions in various areas such as marketing, production, profit maximization, operations etc. There are decisions which include the communication with customers and how to make it effective. To make communication effective, there are various methods so that the transparency with customers is maintained.

One such decision one has to make is the use of Virtual phone number for a business. The different type of contact facilities which are available to communicate with a particular firm include the use of a number which exists virtually. The virtual existence of the number means that a customer calling a number and the call gets transferred to another number. This receiver number is set because of the convenience of the receiver. A local number for different geographical locations is set and the caller has a toll free number to call along with the convenience of the receiver to respond to the call at any time.

Benefits to both parties

Both, the caller and the receiver of the call have an ease of communication with each other. This is because the caller is calling a local number that is toll free according to his convenience and receiver can respond according to his convenience. In this way, both parties have an advantage for communication with each other. There many more advantages than the above mentioned ones.

The auto attendant feature available in the system is very useful. The auto attendant attends the calls without the need for a real person to be engaged in the task of receiving every call. This offers the company to reduce their costs along with increasing the effectiveness of communication with customers. The auto attendant professionally greets the customers and there is a self service that a customer is required to do. The self service leads the customers to the service that they have to reach on their own. This helps a business to identify important calls and differentiates them from the fake callers which may call them. The salaries of actual persons in receiving the calls every time are reduced and the cost of setting up the virtual telephone system is very nominal. The difference in expenses can be measured through subtracting the salaries of the personnel required with the cost of the virtual phone number.

The virtual number also helps to record calls which may act as evidences for future. There is a feature of multiple fax extensions and reminders that are sent at different intervals.

It is ideal for those businesses which want to expand their activities beyond national boundaries. This number enables the business to make the customers enthusiastic about communication with them by giving them the feel of a local company with the standard quality of service.