In case you didn’t know, insurance premiums are basically the amount that you pay for your insurance policy as agreed to your contract with them. With all these automatic payment schemes being developed and not to mention mobile banking, it’s now very easy to pay these insurance premiums that are a hassle to pay if paid using traditional payment methods. One of the emerging and preferred payment options are credit card auto debit.

Undeniably healthcare is very expensive and if you grow old and you don’t have life insurance, for some people there is no guarantee if they will be set for life after retirement. This is the reason why people opt for insurance policies to keep them covered and have the security blanket that a modern person needs. While insurance is optional, in today’s age it sort of becomes a necessity. If you pay it using traditional payments its very task oriented and it will eat up most of your time when you can just take it easy and make a payment thru your credit card.

here is the best credit card to pay insurance premium

Why people opt for automatic debut: Enrolling for automatic debit is more of a comfort move. Paying everything with a credit card is easy and putting it in auto debit. Using it to pay for everything helps consolidate the your expenses in just one credit card bill each month. Think about the many ways you spend your money, gas, rent, food, utility bills, nightlife, food trip, shipping vacation, insurance and so on. Pay every single one of that with cash is a hassle, pay everything in one credit card and get a credit card bill with everything is simple and easy as 1 2 3.  It’s like hitting a ton of birds with one stone.

Choose a credit card that you can use to pay for your insurance policy: If you are going to get a credit card and if you plan to pay for your insurance policy using it, make sure that it can pay for your insurance. There are some cards that can’t do that, some insurance policies are pretty picky on what credit cards they accept. That way you don’t get to spend time and money on another credit card that is practically useless when it comes to your payment needs. Here’s a good tip, if you’re going to get a credit card, get it from well-known banks, chances are they have insurance policy options for some if not all of their cads.

When it comes to credit cards that are usually used for payments they have various credit card options that will surely fit your needs. When you plan to use a credit card for auto debit on your insurance policy and other bills to consolidate it in one bill each month, make sure that your card has that option and choose the ones that offers cashbacks or other promotions to give more value to your payments. OCBC has the solution for you, for more information here is the best credit card to pay insurance premium with.