In this time and age, we cannot see ourselves living without a television. From new, sports to games and more the idiot box has become smarter and we are addicted to it. As it gets smarter the price too has subsequently risen. A decade ago television cost were merely anything but now new technologies and advancement has led to a significant rise in the smart LED TV price.

This rise has made it impossible for some of us to afford the latest TV. Samsung, LG, Panasonic or Sony, TV prices have increased and we have witnessed it first hand. So, what are the reasons for this rise? This article will give you the top reasons why television prices are going through the roof.


  1. Smart is Costly

Most of the latest televisions have become smart either they have their own interface or powered by Google. The smart features enables features like internet surfing, streaming videos, streaming music, connecting your phone to TV and many other to operate freely on your TV. This smartness comes at a price. Hence, every smart TV you see is priced subsequently higher than a none smart TV.

  1. The thinner the screen the larger the price

Every brand in the television industry is fighting to make the thinnest tv. From a big box to large bezzless to completely zero bezels, the TV screen has seen its fair share of changes. The sleeker it gets greater it costs.

  1. OLED equals O so money

Yes, the LED technology had also improved significantly. With the newer much brighter OLED, the display of most high end TV’s have been vibrant and exceptionally colourful. These OLED give much more details than any other form of display. Hence, the price. It is also the resolution. Movies and other formats of videos are now been shot at ultra high definition 4K quality camera, to keep up to this and provide the best to the customer, TVs have to improves too. Hence, aTVs that master 4K resolution cost a bit higher.

These were the top reasons why your smart TV is costly. The developments in TV is for better, imagine your games being shot in HD and you are sitting at your home watching it at a super low quality, where is the fun? However, these improvement have also bought a lot of threats to us. Especially, the smart features. Now that we have connected out TV’s to the Internet there are higher security risks than, we have to take that into consideration too. Overall, I believe if you really want a TV buy one with less smart features and more display and sound quality cause that’s what matter at the end of the day. Simultaneously make sure to have a good budget cause the better the quality of your TV the more it will cost.